Phim ngắn “Two & Two”

Sept 2, 2014 (TM)


-You have been told that two plus two is five. You will not question this. Do you understand?

-Yes Sir, I just thought…

-Don’t think. You don’t need to think.
Two plus two is five.  Now sit down and be quiet. Get your notebook out and write this down: Two plus two equals …

-Sir ! Two plus two IS four !  It’s always been four ! How can it be five?

-Who gave you the permission to talk?  How dare you question me?

-Sir, it’s just that …

-Two plus two is five.  Say it !

-But Sir, two and two is four.  Surely you can all see that.

-Face the front !

-You know it’s four, why don’t you say so?


Two & Two
Director: Babak Anvari

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